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Adventures in multi rotor land

So, yeah; I’ve managed to pick up another disease. Did I say disease? I meant hobby.  A couple of fellow coworkers of mine are RC hobbyists of the aerial variety.  One of my cohorts in particular has turned me on to the world of quad rotor racing.

It is a very neat (and expensive) hobby to get into, and it is not without it’s challenges.  AFA “drones” go, decent Ready to Fly (RTF) vehicles can be costly. There are cheap ones, but like most consumer goods…you get what you pay for.  There is nothing wrong with what I would call toy drones either as a starting place.  I started out with one from Costco for $80.  It served as a good learning tool, but after seeing what a custom built racing quad (rotor) could do, I knew I had to have one.

The following are build progress photos for my first custom built racing quad.

Parts list (to be installed):
Frame: MRM 250 OSO V3 Racing Edition Bundle
Flight Controller: Seriously Dodo
Receiver: FrSky XSR
Battery: TBD
FPV Cam: TBD (considering RunCam 2)
Goggles/Monitor: TBD

imageThe early cocoon on stages of the quad.

imageHere are the MRM 250 kit and Dodo FC unpacked and laid out.

imageThis is after some initial soldering on the Power Distribution Board (PDB) and pins to the FC.

imageHere is a picture of an arm with a motor attached, prior to soldering the ESC.

imageESC factory wires de-soldered and connections re-soldered to trimmed motor wires.

imageHeat shrink wrapped (and sticker reapplied for fun).

imageHere is the PDB with the MinimOSD installed and last few pins soldered.

Here is a “mockup” of the progress.

Nylon stands/spaces installed to mount FC.

Another shot.

A lot of progress here…XT60 Pigtail soldered, XSR arrived and installed, reconfigured nylon stands and made shelf for XSR (out of an old SD card case).

imageUnderside RGB LEDs installed and coated with liquid tape.


Select batteries and charger
Select and install FPV gear (camera, VTX, monitor/goggles)